"I like to play blackjack. I'm not addicted to gambling, I'm
addicted to sitting in a semi-circle."—Mitch Hedberg

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Juke Boxes
This is a commercial web site, jukebox45s.com, which offers the opportunity to find and to buy or rent vintage or new jukeboxes as well as vinyl records that were once featured in jukeboxes. There is an extensive database of 45-rpm vinyl records for purchase. There are also links to websites where one can buy vinyl records, find the history of jukeboxes, the history of vinyl records, an extensive links section to jukebox websites, as well as record accessories and antique jukeboxes.

Roulette History
Although foggy, the origins of roulette are explained and hypothesized about in this article. The website explains the accounts of ancient Romans tipping their chariots on their sides and spinning one of the wheels for games of amusement. The word roulette itself is French, meaning "little wheel." Several early versions of roulette appeared in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is believed that the noted French scientist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, invented the mechanism in 1657 while experimenting with perpetual motion devices. The origins of the roulette wheel are explained in detail.

Poker Links
This is a web portal with basic poker rules and information, poker variants, face-to-face poker games, online poker, poker software, poker books, poker equipment and poker links and resources. Links to basic poker rules, poker glossary and poker terms, poker ranking, professional poker, poker tournaments, poker bonuses, poker player interviews, poker strategies, information for low-stakes no limit Texas hold-em players, poker beginners, poker advice, poker message boards and draw games, stud games, shared card games and miscellaneous poker games. A poker variation database is included with links to cowpie poker, dirty Schultz, baseball poker, let it ride, Mexican stud, Chicago poker, Anaconda poker and much more.

Rock-Ola Jukebox
Believe it or not, the name Rock-Ola is actually derived from the name of the company's founder. It also happens to be a real cool name for a jukebox, implying a "rock 'n' roll' play on words. David C. Rockola was born in Canada and as a young boy worked as a mechanic in a shop that repaired coin-operated devices. This article details the history of Rock-Ola, and the site includes jukebox links, photographs, jukebox restoration information and jukebox CDs and records. If you have a Rock-Ola jukebox for sale, the National Jukebox Exchange may be interested in buying it.

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