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Investing in Real Estate

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Should You Buy an Investment Property?
This Time magazine article claims that investors looking to move beyond stocks and bonds should consider investing in a property for the purpose of portfolio diversification. While flipping is a popular concept among the US real estate investors, rental properties still hold the highest attraction as a stable cash flow provider. If interested in rental properties, then investors must develop the right mind set to go for such properties. The right mindset in this case includes being able to handle non-paying tenants, taking after hour phone calls, handling small maintenance jobs, extra savings to cover unplanned expenses like emergency maintenance.

Hotel Investments Handbook
The Hotel Investment Handbook from HVS International suggests that hotel investments can involve high-risk expenditures and time consuming efforts. Whenever living spaces include such amenities like dining, banquet, pool, gym, and other recreational facilities, the risks become enhanced multiple times. Yet, investors seem to enjoy the association of glamorous hotels with their financial potentials. This Hotel Investments Handbook is targeted to those hospitality sector investors who want to acquire hotels with minimum risks. The handbook addresses the typical concerns facing the hotel owner, the money lender, and the hotel operator. The book will benefit both the new investor and the veteran in the field.

International Investors Flood the Spanish Hotel Market
Fortune magazine in this article, dated 2014, reviewed the re-emergence of the Spanish hotel market. After several years of hiatus following 2008 collapse, now real estate investors are once again flooding the Spanish hotel market. According to CBRE Spain, 2014 began with 724 Million Euros pumped into the market, plummeting rents, and rising office buildings. These factors have refueled the Spanish hotel market. Read the full article to get a better glimpse into the world of the resurfacing Spanish hotel industry.

3 Reasons Why Owning a Commercial Property May Make You More Money in Real Estate Investment
This Groco article provides three strong reasons for investing in commercial real estate. The reasons given here are as follows 1) Rental income is far better in commercial properties than in residential properties. 2) The commercial property tenants generally take care of small maintenance and even add improvements that add value to the property. 3) When a commercial tenant succeeds and builds up business goodwill, that tenant will be far more likely to pay the rents on time than a residential property tenant.

Miami Real Estate and Market Trends
Closely watching and analyzing the real estate market in Miami, this Fortune article is reporting the visible trends. The trends worth noting are the rising interest among both domestic and overseas investors to invest in this market. The Miami housing market has transformed into one of the most viable markets in the U.S. Now, 90 percent of real estate construction in Miami is due to overseas investors. In the last couple of years, the foreign nationals who have shown interest in Miami real estate are Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians, Canadians and Indians. As Miami promises an economic safe haven, many foreigners trying to escape the economic downturn into their own countries look for investment opportunities here.

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