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Home Renovations & Remodeling (02)

Renovation Web Site Offers Step-by-Step Assistance for Your Building Project
If a home building or renovation project has you feeling overwhelmed, LetsRenovate will get you started. There's a wealth of information, formatted step-by-step, that explains renovation projects and guides you through the process. Site tools, including a home valuation calculator, spec planning checklists, and a remodeling professional locator will help you get your project off the ground. This is a great site for anyone who really wants to run the numbers before the first whole is dug. There's an entire section of questions and answers on financial considerations, such as neighborhood home values, the tax benefits associated with home renovation, and estimating your payback figures. If you need an architect or an engineer, there's a link that will assist you in your search. Or, you can use their site to generate ideas for home design with their home plan tool.

The How-Tos of Furniture Refinishing Are at Your Fingertips
This web site from Alsnetbiz.com includes a great article for anyone interested in tackling a furniture refinishing project on their own. It offers a number of tips on the refinishing process, beginning with the most important—if in doubt, get an appraisal first. Readers will also learn there's steps you can take to restore a piece before undertaking a complete stripping and refinishing project. There's detailed instructions for cleaning a piece, and information about making minor repairs to furniture, such as removing scratches and ring marks. There's even a link that'll teach you about the "pickled wood finish!"

Remodeling Expert Answers Your Questions
Here's a great site for remodeling junkies who can't get enough of home renovation— remodeling expert Bill Keith, host of his own home tips show, has a link available on his site for e-mail questions. It's a great resource whether you are contemplating a construction project or are stuck in the middle of one and in desperate need of help! His site also includes dates for upcoming home shows throughout the Midwest and free price quotes if you're considering a project.

Find Out How to Deal with Basic Roof Repair Here
Homeowners who are considering performing a basic roof repair personally can learn about this process in words and pictures by visiting this site. The project involves replacing an individual asphalt roof shingles. The site also includes a number of roofing articles on topics such as how to perform a cheap roof fix, strategies for working on a roof with a steep slope, how to patch holes from an old vent, and more.

Woodworking Magazine's Weblog Offers Examples of Portable Workbenches, Plans, and More
If you want to read material written in a wonderful conversational style on the subject of woodworking and workbenches, surf over to Woodworking Magazine's blog. You can check out images of heavy-duty workbenches submitted by readers, check out plans for workbenches of various kinds, and a salute to National Workbench Day. The blog also includes a portable "balcony workbench" for apartment dwellers to check out.

Get Your Fireplace Up to Snuff with Renovation Ideas from HomeBeDazzle.com
Was your fireplace so tired looking this holiday season that even Santa passed it by? Maybe it's time for a refacing or remodeling project. And it doesn't have to be difficult. This site offers a great photo gallery of fireplace refacing and remodeling before and after photos to get you inspired, taking worn-out brick facing and updating it with stone, tile and mantelpieces that will update the look of your family living area and improve your home's appeal and value! There are useful link to book recommendations, and do-it-yourself advice.

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