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Elderly Senior Care Resources (02)

Elder Caregiving Advice
Elder caregiving can be very difficult, especially for family members taking care of a loved one. This site includes a subscriptions service to get the best caregiving services, and includes a section on case examples that include issues caregivers face. A section on top elder risks and a caregiver FAQ are also of great value. The FAQ includes how to find the best home care, assisted living or nursing care for a senior, learning about Medicare coverage and public eldercare services.

Senior Citizen Driving: When itís Time to Pull Over for Good
Many elderly people are at a higher risk for accidents on the road because of delayed reaction times, sight issues and other factors. This site will help you determine if it is time for your aging loved one to turn in their keys. Topics include risk factors for aging drivers, how to monitor and unsafe driver, how to talk to a senior citizen who should stop driving, transportation alternatives for senior citizens and references and resources for senior citizen transportation. Tips for senior driving safety are also included.

Retirement Living: Residential Options and More
This site offers a database of senior housing, assisted living, nursing homes and home health care services for senior citizens in Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. It includes copies of magazine articles on senior citizen lifestyle issues, and includes a database of senior-related experts. Articles on senior living issues, as well as a section on events for senior citizens and those in the senior care field are also included.

Caring for the Elderly: Topics of Interest
When should you put an aging parent or elderly loved one in an assisted living facility, and should you consider assisted living at all? This site includes information and articles about caregiving and elderly care. The housing section includes summaries about various assisted living and nursing home facilities, and gives you information to make sure that if you have to choose one, you can choose a facility that provides good care. Other topics include: elder law, gerontology programs, day care, end-of-life care, diseases, elderly events, transportation for the elderly, statistics on senior citizens, Medicaid, Medicare and more.

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