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Elderly Senior Care Resources (01)

Medicare and More: Resources for Elderly Seniors
If you are looking for private or government programs to help your aging parent pay for prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other needs, check out this site. It includes Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D), and more, and is easy enough for elder seniors to use. Eldercare doesn’t have to be hard to get—just use this regularly updated site to find new programs that will help cover senior health care needs. Just type in requested information, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and you’ll be in touch with resources to help you care for your aging parent.

Solutions for Caregivers of Elderly Parents
Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse or other senior citizen you know can be difficult, so this site gives solutions for daily living with aging parents. Products for aging parents are sold here, as are resources on Medicare and support groups for caregivers of aging parents. Some recommended books on aging and caring for the aging are included, as is a section about symptoms of aging. The symptoms section includes information on how to tell if you’re having a heart attack, symptoms of a mini stroke, women’s heart attack symptoms, Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, signs of dehydration, symptoms of depression and stroke symptoms. A good hub of information if you’re caring for an elderly parent.

It's All Chiropractor News at Planet Chiropractic
If you're looking for the latest breaking news and updates in the world of chiropractic medicine, Planet Chiropractic's web site is the place to go—it's updated almost daily with news headlines from across the country, and includes an archive section in case you need to review an article. There's a chiropractic blog where professionals can read up on any variety of business- and practice-related topics, a professional directory for patients looking for a chiropractor in their area, links to school information for those interested in taking up the practice of chiropractic, and even video and audio links to see chiropractors in action, offering prospective patients a glimpse inside an office without having to actually go.

Can Caretaking for Seniors be Dangerous?
This is a study based in Canada that explores the preference of home care for senior citizens as opposed to institutional care. But home care includes expectations that family caregivers will be available in the home to support patients who would otherwise be in an institution. The authors of this study explore the potential impact of this devolution of services from institutions to the home in 2 vulnerable patient populations, elderly patients with dementia and elderly patients with terminal illnesses.If you’re considering caring for your aging parent at home, this is interesting to read.