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Calcium Food & Supplements (01)

Calcium and Calcium supplements: Achieving the Right Balance
This article by the Mayo Clinic eays that calcium is important for optimal bone health throughout life, and that if your diet is light on calcium, then you can get the daily recommendations by taking calcium supplements. Not getting the proper amount of calcium over many years can result in health problems due to weaker bones such as children not reaching their full potential in adult height, adults getting more bone fracdtures, and an increased risk in getting osteoporosis. The article also says that calcium, as well as vitamin D, may have value beyond bone health, such as protecting against diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer—although the evidence is lacking. The article provides a chart of calcium requirements. .

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on Calcium
Calcium, an important nutrient, is stored in the bones. Because this mineral is used in many body processes, its stores must be replenished regularly; otherwise, the bones will grow weak over time. The body does not make calcium, so the nutrient must be obtained from external sources. According to this article written by registered dietitian nutritionist Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN, food must be the primary calcium source. She lists tips when shopping for foodstuffs, such as reading labels and choosing those that are calcium-fortified. She also explains that calcium intake must be spread throughout the day for maximum absorption and offers tips to maintain bone health.

Respect for Calcium's Role Grows with New Research
Everyone is buzzing about calcium supplements, but are they really best for calcium nutrition? This article discusses a story about calcium supplements and found that calcium supplements can lower blood pressure. It can protect against high blood pressure and against colon cancer, too. Read more about this calcium supplement study here.

Food Sources of Calcium to Prevent Kidney Stones
This article, Kidney Stone Diet, explains the role of calcium nutrition and kidney stones. It includes a list of food sources of calcium and says that diets for managing calcium kidney stones have adequate calcium nutrition for most adults. Being attentive to how much calcium rich foods you intake is vital to prevent and manage kidney stones. It also explains hypercalciuria, a condition when there is too much calcium nutrition in urine. In certain cases, the stones can be prevented by controlling how many foods high in calcium you eat.