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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Resources
In this page at SFBike.org, the SF Bicycle Coalition offers a lot of resources about biking in San Francisco. This includes maps, routes, and how to bike on the streets legally. There are tips on how to secure your bike and what to do in case it was stolen. You can also help them improve the conditions of the streets by reporting potholes and unsafe street conditions or suggest improvements on their provided contact numbers and email address. In addition, you can register to their biking classes, which is available for both the young and adult.

How to Ride Rollers When Cycling
Many road cyclists buy indoor trainers without considering rollers. While you do have to learn how to ride rollers, they have several advantages. Besides helping to improve your spin and your bike-handling skills, rollers aren't nearly as boring to use as regular trainers, according to this article. Steps to ride rollers include adjusting rollers for the bike you are using. You do not want the front drum to be just ahead of the front hub. Make sure the tires are in good condition. When you ride rollers, you won't have momentum. If you do fall off at speed, you won't fly at a speed rate, you'll simply flop over. Start riding in high gear. When you improve you can pedal in very low gears.

U.S. Bicycle Route System on AdventureCycling.org
AdventureCycling.org presents the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS), a continuously developing national network of bicycle routes, which aims to link urban, suburban, and rural areas across the country using a array of appropriate cycling facilities. Currently, it has been established in 15 US states, including Alaska, Kentucky, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, and Massachusetts, with more than 40 other states working to have this system. There is a separate page about the history of USBRS, and information about the National Corridor Plan, a map of 50-mile wide corridors that is being planned to become official routes. For more information, you can watch their YouTube information video.

How to Choose Road Bikes
Road biking is a joy. It allows one to soak in the surroundings at a more leisurely pace than riding a car. It also gives a better opportunity of meeting new people and helps improve oneís health and fitness. If you are interested in road biking, then one of the questions foremost in your mind is probably about the kind of road bike to get. Worry not; this article will help you determine which road bike will best fit your needs. Here you can read about how different a road bike is from other bike types and learn about the frame geometry, frame materials, and the different parts of the road bike. Of course, you will also get advice on how to pick the best road bike for your maximum enjoyment.

Mountain Bike Trail Maps and Information
Are you ready to embark on the mountain bike ride of your life? Then you will greatly benefit from the MTB Project, which features next-generation mountain biking trail maps and information. But that isnít all there is to the website. You can also find a lot of interesting and helpful articles that will educate and further inspire you to continue loving what you do. Thereís the Co-Op Journal section that contains news and feature articles on mountain biking and related topics, the REI garage that provides great deals on biking gear and paraphernalia, an expert advice section, and a link to a forum where mountain biking enthusiasts come together to talk about trail condition, riding apps, and more.

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