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D.I.Y. Home Lighting Projects

How to Install a Dimmer Switch
This web page on the Home Depot website gives detailed instructions and offers pictures and many videos for a step by step tutorial on installing a dimmer switch for your light fixture. This is perfect for the do-it-yourself home owner. It provides directions in numerous steps, as well as a list of tools and materials needed. You will learn how to create a range of suble variations in lighting with a dimmer switch.

25 Illuminating DIY Lighting Projects
Create your own unique lighting design using these 25 creative DIY lighting ideas. This includes cardboard chandelier, wire waste basket, geometric wire lampshade, cube pendant light, illuminated bouquet, mini marquee, electric umbrella, ping pong lights, yarn lanterns, light up headboard, work light bundle, Sputnik chandelier, hoop lights, dodecahedron, wax paper capiz shells, and vintage marquee, the official marquee of Brit + Co.. Each project comes with a step-by-step procedure on how you can create them, along with the things you need. Note that these materials are very affordable and can be easily bought from stores. A lot of them are common household items and you probably have them already.

41 Night Lights You Can Buy or Do Them Yourself
BuzzFeed.com brings to you a compilation of 41 creative night lights. You can buy some of them while others are easy-to-do DIY projects. Among these cute designs that are available in stores are baby birdhouse lamp, small baseboard mouse house, gummy bear night light, giraffe wall light, color-changing rods, bunny night light, blue bird night light, hedgehog night light, balloon night Light, cloud night light with stars, rechargeable shell night light, galaxy night light, portable night owl night light, and many more. The designs that you can do yourself are cloud night light, pyramid LED night light, rope rug night light, and birdcage lamp with curtains.

Lighting with Energy and Efficiency in Mind
An article from the State of Michigan's website discusses the enormous energy savings to be had from use of energy-efficient equipment, controls, and careful design. It talks about how it is a high return, low-risk investment for commercial concerns like hotels, and that it enhances quality and reduces impact on the environment. The facts on incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting and low-pressure sodium lighting is outlined, along with the basics on using dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers, photo cells or snap switches. Tips on designing a space to make better use of daylight is included, along with instructions for proper maintenance of interior lighting fixtures to improve output.

Maxlite: A Comprehensive Online Shop for Environmentally Friendly Lighting
The leading global manufacturer and marketer of innovative energy efficient lighting solutions. The Maxlite homepage offers a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly lighting products. Distributing to the U.S. as well as internationally, Maxlite offers customers staple environmentally friendly products such as a wide selection of compact fluorescent lamps; linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts; and indoor and outdoor fixtures. In addition to these staple lighting products, Maxline also offers state-of-the-art environmentally friendly lighting options. Maxlite is partnered with government-backed Energy Star, an organization designed to promote environmentally friendly, energy efficient products. The website also includes an online form for immediate quotes on lighting projects.

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