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Bathroom Remodeling / Makeovers

How to Install Tile on a Bathroom Floor
Step-by-step instructions are provided for installing ceramic floor tile, a fairly easy update you do in the span of a weekend. The article recommends that a classic style, neutral color tyle will last for years, and that ceramic is durable and practical for bathrooms. The DIY guide is broken into four steps: plan the tile layout and cuts; prepare the first batch of adhesive; lay the tiles, and apply the grout. It's important to be sure to purdchase enought tiles for the entire project, accounting for half piece scrap pieces and replacement tiles. You also want to be sure to buy the tiles all at once, because tile from different stock can look different.

11 Bathroom Renovation Tips on About.com
To make the most of your bathroom renovation, these eleven tips by home renovation expert Lee Wallender at About.com is a must-read. Here, Wallender provided some suggestions regarding lighting, color, flooring, fixtures, mirrors, wall protection, and even the position of the toilet. To add mood to your bathroom, he recommends installation of dimmer switch. For added storage area, you use place hooks. If you have an extra space, putting a decorative item can add beauty. However, it would be better if the decoration also has a practical use such as for storing soap or any small item.

Bathroom Sizing Guide
Brought to you by Bed Bath and Beyond, this handy web guide contains specific information to help you find the measurements you need to conduct bathroom makeovers. Shower curtains, bath rugs and towels can easily be purchased with the help of the guide. Shower curtains in standard and stall sizes are detailed, as are bath rugs in four common dimensions. Sizes of bath rugs specify what is best for carpeting pedestal sinks, outside tubs, areas that require runners, and large bathrooms.

Bathroom Topics on Helium.com
The Home & Garden channel on Helium.com has lots of information on bathroom and many other home repair and home interior topics. There nearly 1900 article titles just on home interior. There are many general articles on interest to bathroom redesign and remodeling. More specific articles include decorating ideas for a country bathroom; how to replace a broken tile floor; how to hide pipes that are on show; seascape inspirational ideas for your bathroom; ways to remodel an outdated bathroom; how the choice of bathroom taps can add drama and style to bathroom decor; easy ways to transform a bathroom; how to brighten up a boring bathroom; things to consider when upgrading a bathroom; how to convert old furniture into a bathroom vanity; how to hang a towel bar; ideas for using the space under a wall mounted sink; decorating ideas for small bathrooms; tips for a budget bath redo, and much more. In the home repair section, you'll find articles on tips for removing a tub spout; essential information before hiring a plumber; how to locate a toilet leak; how to fix a toilet; how to install a faucet; how to unclog bathtub water supply plumbing, the economics of solar water heaters, as well as topics such as which is the better DIY store, Home Depot or Lowe's?, and how to find the perfect contractor and what to ask before hiring the contractor.

Bathroom Repairs from Do-It-Yourself.com
This is an extensive site from Do-It-Yourself.com on how to make repairs and installations to your bathroom, from top to bottom, or to simply replace a single fixture. Some of the topics covered in depth for the do-it-yourselfer are how to install a tub, bathroom cleaning tips, a bathroom planning checklist, How to install a bathroom drain waste vent system, how to install a bathroom sink, how to install a shower/bathtub, how to install a toilet, how to install a water supply system, how to replace a showerhead, how to repair cracks in fiberglass showers and tubs, how to make a bathroom fit for a wheelchair, how to choose the right shower door, how to remodel your bathroom for under $50, how to make the bathroom safe for children, how to build a bathtub enclosure, how to install a whirlpool bath, and a lot more. Each article is detailed and complete with all the information a do-it-yourselfer will need.

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