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Home Decorating Ideas

25 Simple and Money Saving Home Decorating Tips
In this article at StyleAtHome.com, you will realize that home decorating is also possible if you have a tight budget. As a general tip, you can update some of the items inside your house. For your window dressings, you can make your own from sheets you can buy from a designer outlet fabric for a very affordable price. If you have a low light room, you can hang a framed mirror directly opposite the window to maximize the light. Many of the tips will teach you how to be a smart shopper at Craigslist, eBay, and offline. For example, many big box stores sell cheap but fashionable bathroom accessories and storage containers.

Decorator Secrets
This special page takes you to a titled list of home decorating help, ideas, tips and features on the website with a direct click. Learn how to choose the right colors for your home, create themed headboards, how to hang wallpaper, make a floral arrangement, measure windows and more. Want to decorate a fireplace mantle or find out if shabby is your style? Visit this page to learn how. A home décor do's and don'ts list is also provided. A database of home decoration links adds to the site's resourcefulness.

Retro Decorating Tips for the Modern Decorator
Retro decorating tips are available here, where old objects take on new décor concepts. Most of the retro decorating tips come from a modified version of the 1970s era. Tips include fluorescent colors set off with black lights set behind curtains. Room walls can be painted with large peace signs and daisies, either by stencils or freehand. Fluorescent paints are commonly used to create a retro look, as are beaded curtains in doorways or over a window as a window treatment, blow-up chairs and beanbag chairs. Lava lamps are a necessity for decorating a retro pad.

Electric Outdoor Fireplaces: Modern Version of a Traditional Home Feature
To find out how electric outdoor fireplaces have evolved over the years, check out this informative article. It explains the original purpose that interior fireplaces served and provides some information about the options available to modern homeowners. It's an interesting read, whether you are interested in electric outdoor fireplaces or traditional wood-burning models.

Home Decoration Tips: Finding the Best Paint Colors
Choosing for the best paint colors for your home designs is a matter of personal choice. But if you want to understand more about colors, check this page at HouseBeautiful.com . You can find here some great ideas from color expert Kate Smith, along with a color personality quiz which can help you discover which color fits best for your personality. There are some work examples from notable interior designers such as Jeffrey Bilhuber, Bunny Williams, Miles Redd, and seven other big names in the industry. You can also choose from any of the eight color combinations as recommended by famous interior designers.

Faux by Kathy
Faux finishing is in and this site gives you the tools to learn faux finishing techniques by choosing a faux finishing school. Classes include introduction faux painting, confidence in color, faux painting countertops and floors, weekend faux finisher, Venetian plaster, running a profitable business, faux painting thrompe L'oeil, faux painting murals, professional faux finishing, and faux painting furniture. A section on faux finishing lingo including definitions of words such as matt, eggshell, semi-gloss, high-gloss, antiquing, alkyd, crackle finish, cutter, color wheel, negative technique, hue, latex paint, grain, sponging, stippler and ragging is included.

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