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Promoting Home Safety

Safety Articles from State Farm Insurance
State Farm is one of this country's leading insurers. has a wealth of information and tips for promoting on home safety and security. These articles cover such topics as carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, and security bars on windows. The article on window security bars is especially interesting and thought provoking, as it covers both the benefits and the real dangers to your family in times of fire that security bars can pose. State Farm Safety tips include specifics on buying and replacing a roof, finishing a basement,consumer product safety, seasonal home maintenance, weather protection, lightning protection, preventing frozen pipes, woodburner accidents, and much more. You'll find information for protecting your home from wildfires, floods, wind and other natural disasters. Many articles are concerned with child safety, appliances and other electrical hazards.When one of the biggest insurance companies in the world talks about home security, it pays to listen.

Dog Training for Fire Emergencies
This article from Clicker Training shares tips on how to train dogs when there is smoke or fire inside the house. The first part discusses the characteristics the dog should possess before he can identify such incidents. The second part talks about the different alerts the dog should do while the owner is sleeping. The third part is the detailed training procedures that owners should conduct. This includes training the dog to recognize the actual sound of fire alarm, face the potential obstacles, and how to react on time. The last part consists of a list of tips for effective training.

Medicine Cabinet Safety Tips
Your medicine cabinet should be safe place especially if you have young children and elderly people who are living with you. To protect them from harm, presented in this article are six simple medicine cabinet safety tips. This includes regular checking if there are already expired medicines inside and making sure that it is properly locked. You should also avoid mixing different pills in one container and using the original container so that the recommended dosage on the label can easily be seen. And because some medications should not be in a humid environment, you might need a separate location for them.

Backyard Fire Pit Safety Tips
A backyard fire pit is something that brings back memories of time spent in front of a bonfire as a child. To make the experience enjoyable and safe for everyone in attendance, choosing the right kind of fire pit is key. Placement is another important consideration, and you will find suggestions for choosing the right spot to construct the fire pit. Tips for using the fire pit safely are provided, and you will also learn how to extinguish the fire safely.

Thinking About Adding a Security Gate to Subdivision? Check Out This Discussion First
This discussion forum has advice for people who are interested in adding a security gate to a subdivision in Nashville. Check out what people who live in communities with safety gates have to say.

Fire Safety Checklist for Older Consumers
This Fire Safety Checklist for Older Consumers, a 12-page booklet in PDF format, was developed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an independent regulatory agency of the U.S. Government. A home fire is one of the most devastating and potentially most tragic occurrences that a homeowner can face. This site contains a checklist of things that you can do to help reduce the chance of a fire in your home or, if a fire should strike, to increase the chances for you and your family to survive. The checklist includes sources of fire, such as wood stoves, recommendations for using wood stoves and kerosene heaters in the safest manner possible, the proper way to use electric heaters, a checklist of cooking equipment, such as gas stoves and electric ranges (did you know that there are approximately 400 deaths and 5,000 injuries each year from the improper use of cooking equipment?), a checklist on cigarette lighters and matches, a checklist of flammable materials in the home, and much more. By reading through this checklist the average homeowner will undoubtedly find ways to improve the fire safety of his home and improve the chances that he and his family will survive if the unthinkable should happen.

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